Online Oriental, Persian, and Navajo Appraisal Value 

So how much is your oriental rug worth?

To accurately determine its monetary value, we consider the following essential elements to gauge the most valuable Persian and Oriental rug value:

Knot Density

Materials Used

Design Elements

Colors, Blending, and Dye types



Demand + Availability

All the factors above requires practical knowledge and years of experience to accurately determine it’s value. Because there are so many moving parts to a final valuation, although you may evaluate it yourself, you are far more likely to either grossly over or under-estimate it’s value. This is why we recommend professional appraisal.

Why Should You Choose Us To Appraise Your Oriental, Handmade and Navajo Rugs?

Your Valuations WILL Be ACCURATE

We have DECADES of experience behind our belt having done business with many dealers worldwide to give you a fair and accurate appraisal. We thoroughly observe the quality, condition and asking price of rugs because we do regular business in both the retail and dealer market.

You Receive QUICK and COMPETENT Appraisals

Because of our years of experience we are in the unique position to condense our knowledge into a concise, written and oral report for your records to shop it around for a great buy. We are knowledgeable in antique, old, new and contemporary rugs of all kinds. We’re certain we’ve appraised a rug similar to your own and account for subtle nuances most appraisers carelessly miss.

We keep a close eye on market trends, trade shows, and auctions to thoroughly analyze the markets so you are never ‘low-balled’ or ‘pressured’ into selling a potential gem worth hundreds and thousands MORE than you may initially think, and believe us, if a buyer knows you’re ignorance they surely won’t be quick to inform. Protect your sale and play it safe with us.

Our vast database becomes quickly accessible to you for a very low appraisal fee.

You Receive Our Knowledge For YOUR Financial Gain

Contact us today in the form on this page to learn about our affordable appraisal fee so you can have a reliable leg up on buyers come auction time. If extra research is required for a complete appraisal, it’s pro bono. We don’t charge for extra time. Our fee accounts for the whole appraisal.

You Appraisals Are GUARANTEED To Hold Up Under Scrutiny

Our rug appraisals follow Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and International Valuation Standards so you KNOW you’re getting a real, genuine appraisal. No guess work. Just results.

We provide written and/or verbal appraisals along with best practices on how to sale oriental rugs if that is your intent along with what you can realistically expect upon completion of an actual sale.

We VALUE Your Safety and Secruity

All of our professional rug value estimators are done IN HOUSE at our office for your protection. We value sensitive details and privacy.



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