Best Discount Oriental, Persian and Navajo Rug Cleaning Repair Service

Here at LV Oriental Area Rug Cleaning we want to help you protect your investment with a service to bring back to life the warmth, color and texture of your rugs.

It’s a fact that overtime rugs get stained, soiled and dirty due to foot traffic, dust, debris, pets, children, spilled drinks and food, and other various contaminants. Make it your priority to keep your rugs looking as immaculate as when you first purchased it by scheduling your appointment to inquire about cleaning cost today!

5 Reasons WHY LV Oriental Is The BEST Rug Cleaner Business: 

Our technicians are properly equipped to handle any and all types of area and Oriental rugs, throws, quilts, carpet and matting, giving it the attention it rightfully deserves


Rug carpet cleaning isn’t as simple as “Apply solution and clean”. That’s why our specially trained and certified techs are skilled in knowing what cleaning methods and techniques work best for your rug’s unique weaving, fibers and dyes.

Our advanced processes makes it possible to clean any dirt, stain, or odor no matter how messy it looks. We’re other cleaners fail, we step in to finish the job!


We apply our special ‘stain-resistant coating’ solution to ensure your area rugs stay clean and fresher LONGER

If your rug requires a little more ‘tender lovin’ care’ due to long term wear and tear, we offer re-fringing and re-padding services, too!

Here’s How To Prepare For A LV Oriental Rug Cleaning (step-by-step): 

Step 1: Remove Clutter 

Typically we vacuum the carpet prior to cleaning, but other large items like shoes, child/pet toys and such, must be removed prior to beginning the process.

Step 2: Relocate Furniture 

Most people place their area rugs beneath small pieces of furniture adding to the rooms decor, but it gets in the way of effective cleaning. Therefore we require you arrange to move the furniture so our technicians have easy access.

Step 3: Take Note of Stains and Other Key Areas 

Noticed a particular spot that gives you the “heeby jeebies?” Take note of it. Mark it. And let your designated technician know it.

Step 4: Make Pet Preparations 

Pets are territorial, particularly man’s best friend – dogs. When a new person enters it’s territory, it may feel agitated, even threatened. Make sure you’ve planned ahead for this possibility and have your pet stay with a friend or relative, closed off in another room or contained in your backyard for the technicians and pets safety.

Step 5: Clear Path 

It’s easy to forget that technicians need to get himself from his vehicle to his equipment to your front door. Please ensure there is a practical pathway he can take to clean your carpet as quickly and effectively as possible.

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