Antique Oriental Rug Doctor Repair Restoration

In addition to professional cleanings and appraisals, repairing is our specialty! 

Sick and tired of your old, worn out rug, but aren’t prepared to invest in new? LV Oriental can give your carpet rug a brand new face lift that will prolong its life for many years.

The Las Vegas Oriental Rug Experts will fix those nasty snags, aging wrinkles, unsightly seams, smelly stains and unsightly burns in a cinch giving your carpet the brilliance, luster and ‘shine’ it once had.

We carry out our repair work on our premises by our professional ex-weavers who have a combined 30 years total experience. Our experts are skilled in everything from securing fringes and bindings to large tears, holes and moth damage.

However, deciding whether to get a rug repaired depends on how much you are will to invest and whether the rugs value, intrinsic or monetarily, justifies the repair.

But sometimes rug cleaning isn’t enough and more extensive repairs are necessary. That’s why we recommend having your rug repaired as soon as possible to avoid causing more damage and the repair is easier, quicker and cheaper to carry out.

The most common types of rug repair methods are Rug Fringe Repair, Rug Side Repairs (Selvages or Bindings), Low Pile Repair and Repair Holes, Rips and Moth Damage.

We are going to cover each type briefly so you have a general idea of what you may be dealing with for your rug(s) and help you identify the best solution for you:

Rug Fringe Repair

If you’re rug fringes are destroyed it is important you take care of the problem as soon as possible with no delay. Fringes are the ‘foundation’ of the rug and being exposed it’s often times the first to deteriorate. If the damage spreads entire sections loosen and unravel permanently destroying the rug beyond repair.

We can prevent further damage by straightening the fringes, but it depends on the current condition of the rug. If dealt with quickly, the end result is little to no damage.

Rug Side Repairs (Selvages or Bindings)

The side of the rug is called the ‘selvage’ which holds the rug together at the sides. When you signs of your rug(s) peeling apart from it’s side like orange peels, call us immediately to reduce further damage while salvageable.

Low Pile Rug Repair

The least common problem of the four as some people don’t mind as it adds character and shows it’s age with class. Low pile is less of an immediate threat than bad fringes or sides.

Rug Hole Repair, Rips and Moth Damage

By far the biggest problem rug owners face. Depending on each situation determines the cost of repairs or if its even worth repairing at all. Generally, our skilled tradesmen won’t back down from a challenge and will make your rug look like new!

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